Things You Can Do At Home

The following instructions apply to good health habits at all times. You should follow these special instructions until your subluxations are corrected or until I have mentioned otherwise.


If you have any questions regarding your care, please feel free to talk to me at anytime.


  1. Avoid lifting heavy objects, moving furniture, etc. Do not iron, vacuum, mop, stoop or change beds within the first week of your care.
  2. Never use a heating pad on your spine unless you've checked with Dr. Beth first. It can increase inflammation and pain.
  3. Do not hold your neck tense or stiff. RELAX!!
  4. Do not use your head as a lever (in bed).
  5. Do not sleep with your arms under your head or neck.
  6. Never sleep on your stomach.
  7. Walk at least 2 km, 3x/ week. It helps a degenerating disc recover faster.
  8. Do not take hot baths for low back pain unless you check with Dr. Beth first.
  9. Do not bend forward to put on shoes, trousers, etc. Try to lean your back against a wall when doing so.
  10. To get out of bed, turn on your side, draw your knees up and use your arms to raise yourself.
  11. Do not stand with your knees locked.
  12. Do not stoop (bend) forward with your knees straight. Use your legs when lifting. 
  13. Do not sit or drive with your legs straight out; bend your knees.
  14. Do not jog, running is O.K. It changes the stress of heel strike.
  15. Avoid twisting, heavy lifting, pushing or any quick jerking of your spine.
  16. Avoid rubbing or poking the areas that I adjust.
  17. Do not miss or reschedule your appointments unless absolutely unavoidable. They are specifically timed to ensure your optimum recovery. (This is similar to building a foundation - one brick at a time. Not a good idea to start removing bricks)
  18. Avoid overhead work such as painting ceilings, wallpapering etc.
  19. Watch your posture; others do.
  20. Set aside a special time for yourself to RELAX.
  21. When sitting, choose a chair which is supportive to your spine. When purchasing a chair, buy one that fits your spine. Do not try and fit yourself to the chair. Avoid soft couches.
  22. Cross your legs at the ankles not your knees.
  23. Get plenty of rest so that your body has the opportunity to repair tissue damage.
  24. Sleep on a mattress which is supportive to your spine. Too hard or too soft is not good. I find that a latex mattress is best.
  25. Do not stand for long periods of time. If it is necessary, place one foot on a stool or other support. This will minimize stress on the bottom disc of your spine.
  26. Your pillow is very important. It should be neither too high or too low, but rather supportive.
  27. Never lie your head on the arm of a couch.
  28. Do not read or watch TV in bed.
  29. Be good to your spine; it is the only one you will get.


Mainly For Ladies

30. When having your hair done, bend your head forward into the sink to have it washed, never back.

31. Wear shoes of moderate heel height. High heel shoes accentuate "swayback" and place added stress on the bottom spinal discs.

32. Watch your weight. Your discs don't like to carry extra weight. (This one is for men also)

33. Go dancing often. There's nothing like good ol'rock'n'roll to get your spine exercised. It really is the very best exercise for you.

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