Welcome to Family Wellness Chiropractic Center

Here at Family Wellness Chiropractic Center we are committed to providing Northeast Ohio with the finest, most professional chiropractic health care available.


Our subluxation based practice is founded in the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic. We acknowledge the devastating effects of vertebral subluxation on human health and the human spirit and therefore, strive to achieve true health and wellness for each member of our practice, young and old.


We dedicate our time and efforts to the principle of Chiropractic, the Biggest Idea we know. We encourage all our practice members and colleagues to participate in this most noble and important mission.

We do things differently here...

  • We include your Family in the process and we are committed to the health of your children. Each member has their own individualized care plan to achieve their health goals. We want to help you along your wellness journey.
  • We offer educational resources. Health and healing is a process and requires effort. We have a series of brochures and educational handouts available on a wide variety of topics.
  • Also, we provide information on our Facebook page. To receive information through your news feed please "like" us. 

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Monday- Thursday

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Email- family.chiro@yahoo.com

Phone- 440-277-9355

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