Office Policies

Welcome to our office. Our goal is to serve you with exceptionally friendly and prompt service, and provide the best family chiropractic care available. We ask that you please follow these simple guidelines to obtain the very best results from your care in our office.



Appointment Times


We value your time and pride ourselves in giving prompt service to our practice members. For this reason we ask you to make an appointment so we can be adequately prepared for your visit.


There is a $40 fee for "NO CALL- NO SHOW" missed visits. Kindly give 24 hours' notice to cancel your appointment. If an appointment is missed you will receive notification by email or a phone call. 


If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, we ask you kindly reschedule that appointment for later that day, or within 24 hours. Best results come from consistent care.


Have trouble remembering your appointment? We can send home an appointment card with you or send you a gentle reminder to your email address. If you do not have email please request a phone call to be made 2 days before your appointment.




Questions and Consultations


Dr. Beth encourages questions. Please set up a time with the friendly assistant so that proper time can be spent answering any questions you may have. These consultations are always complimentary. If a question is urgent you can also leave a note and Dr. Beth will get back to you as soon as possible.




Change of Information


We ask you kindly to inform us if any of the following information changes: Address, phone number, insurance, billing information, and email address.




Ending Care or Vacation 


If you are going on vacation or need to terminate your care plan indefinitely please let us know.



 Not well?


If you are feeling a little under the weather, fighting the Flu etc., please remember that a chiropractic adjustment will help you immensely. It will boost your immune response and help your body deal with your "bug" faster. When feeling unwell, it does not necessarily mean you are "sick". It simply means that your body is fighting for your recovery. You may not like what your body is doing but it is for your benefit (diarrhea, vomiting, fever etc.) Don't stay home, call us! 



Since most Subluxations DO NOT produce symptoms, we feel that everyone should be checked. We would like you to know that we offer complimentary consultations to the friends and families (especially the kids) of our patients. Gift certificates are available at the front desk for complimentary consultations (value of approx $100)


We appreciate your confidence and trust in all of us when you refer your friends and loved ones.


A Final Note

Our center has an open concept in order to decrease your wait time. Should you ever require additional time with your doctor we can easily arrange a talk in private with Dr. Beth. Please arrange special time at the front desk! 


Open communication is the key to a lasting, open friendship!


Thank you!



By Appointment Only



Monday- Thursday

8:00am - 12:00 ~ 2:00pm - 6:00





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